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About Pathway

Pathway Hospice & Palliative Care was established in 2012 in order to fulfill a desire by its founders to provide comfort to those in their last moments. Our mission was and still is to provide the highest quality of hospice care for our neighbors and loved ones in our community, so that they may enjoy their remaining time despite their terminal illness.


We also focus heavily on providing support and guidance for families as they provide care for their unwell loved one and help them to make important decisions about their loved one's care. We continue to support the family even after the passing of their loved one as we provide services to guide them through the process of grieving. 



Pathway Hospice & Palliative Care can provide you with a consistent partnership of compassion, highly skilled and multidisciplinary care for your patients. 

Hospice & Palliative Care

Hospice is a philosophy of care. It treats the person rather than the disease and focuses on quality of life. Palliative care is a form of medical treatment that manages the pain, symptoms and side-effects of chronic illness.

Care Team

We have a wonderful and passionate care team to help your family through these hard times. Learn more about our care team!


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Find available positions at Pathway Hospice & Palliative Care and apply online.


There is no better way to offer hope & comfort than using your hands & heart as a hospice volunteer.

"We cannot change the outcome, but we can affect the journey."


Ice Waves

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Holding Hands

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Upstate Office

Phone: 864.312.6825

Fax: 864.312.6812


Address: 355 Woodruff Rd, Suite 201                      Greenville, SC 29607

Midlands Office

Phone: 803.391.3146
Fax: 803.391.3194


Address: 1833 Airport Blvd, Suite A                        Cayce, SC 29033

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