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Hospice Care Programs

and Services


Ever since we opened our doors, the programs at Pathway Hospice & Palliative Care have had one philosophy—expect more. Since then, we’ve been reinventing hospice by finding ways to spend more time with patients and families; and developing ideas to help them get the most at the end of life. That’s why Pathway's patient-to-staff ratio is among the best in hospice. We provide more daily visits to our patients than anyone in hospice care and will be by your side when you need us most.

We are 100% dedicated to giving you and your family more right now. That means offering patient care and hospice services you expect like administering medication along with ones you may not expect like light housekeeping and legal documentation. Plus, Pathway Hospice & Palliative Care offers unique programs you won’t find anywhere else.

Gift of a Day

We develop unique plans of care that include Jim Stoval’s idea of inspiration through the Gift of a Day. Since its inception, we have helped thousands of hospice patients experience the perfect day. That day is based on the question: “If you had one perfect day, what would it look like?” Our staff members, volunteers and local businesses work together to bring these perfect days to life for our hospice patients. 

Veterans Recognition

Throughout history, countless men and women have served in the United States armed forces, putting aside regard for themselves and leaving behind family and friends to defend our great nation and its ideals. The Crossroads Veteran’s Recognition program recognizes the sacrifices these men and women have made and believe we owe a debt of gratitude for the security they have provided by defending our nation.


We also understand the traumatic effects war can have on Veterans and the feelings it can produce like anxiety, depression, reoccurring anger, self-blame, guilt, compulsive or aggressive behavior, and sleep disorders. This is known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some are affected so strongly that they are unable to live normal lives; and some may not experience any symptoms until they approach the end of life.

To better care for these patients, the Crossroads staff and volunteers are educated and trained in caring for Veterans at the end of life and the effects of PTSD.

Additionally, we have developed a Veteran Recognition Program to acknowledge our Veteran patients by providing a certificate and honorary presentation. In addition, our volunteers create Life Journals of their experiences to share with their families. 



In order to celebrate the lives of our patients, several types of memorial services are available. These services include butterfly releases, balloon releases, tree lighting ceremonies or moments of silence. Families are invited to attend these services.


Palliative Care Programs
and Services

Palliative Care Programs

Our palliative care services work to make patients as comfortable as possible. While a doctor treats the disease, we manage the side-effects of the treatments. In other words: we make your life better.

Coming To The Patient

One way we keep our focus on the patients’ comfort is by coming directly to them, wherever they call home. 

Responding Quickly

We provide fast response times to requests for palliative care services. Because when you know you need help, you want it right away. We’re available 24/7/365.

Working With All Needs

When you’re in a palliative care program, you may need multiple physical symptoms managed. You may also have social, emotional and spiritual needs. Once again, we’re here to help you access the resources you need.

Learn more about Pathway Hospice & Palliative Care services.

Follow the links below to learn more about how Pathway provides palliative care support services:

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  • Learn more about palliative care at home 

  • Understand the difference between hospice and palliative care 

If you have additional questions about our palliative care services, please contact us by choosing an option from the blue Help Bar above.

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