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Why Pathway?

Pathway Hospice was established in 2012 with the desire to provide comfort to those in their remaining days.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of Hospice and Palliative Care for our community, so that they can enjoy their remaining days regardless of their diagnosis. The Pathway team also focus’ on providing support and guidance for families as they provide care for their sick loved ones while assisting them in making important decisions during their time of care. Pathway is committed to continued support for the family by providing emotional assistance during their time of grieving.   

Pathway Hospice & Palliative Care is a community-based company that offers comprehensive Hospice and Palliative care. Pathway is committed to providing caregiver education, individual and group counseling, spiritual support and additional programs to those we serve regardless of race, age, faith, diagnosis or financial circumstances.

Our goal is assuring that everyone in our community can be provided with the best quality of life and live each day with meaning and purpose. To remain steadfast to that goal, we continue to add new programs and services to meet the changing needs of the hospice patients we get the opportunity to love and care for.

The Hospice Philosophy

“Hospice is about Quality of Life”


The hospice philosophy recognizes that every person deserves to live out his or her life with respect, dignity, and pain free in an environment that promotes quality.

"As long as we live in the hearts of those we leave behind, we shall never die."

Hospice and Palliative Care are services that can be utilized in any living setting and not limited to that of a hospice house for anyone who has a diagnosis that deems them qualified for hospice.

Most people are surprised to learn that hospice is far more about living than dying. In fact, the goal of hospice care is to provide a level of care to allow patients to live life to the fullest when their diagnosis does not have a curative treatment or the patient and family opts to end recommended treatment. Hospice provides what qualifying patients need the most: freedom from pain; emotional and spiritual support; and the ability to control the direction of their own care. Hospice is a philosophy of care that accepts dying as a natural part of life.

Our Core Values


Pathway believes in being upfront and honest in all situations. This is not limited to the families that we serve. Our entire network that assists us in caring for your loved ones always get treated with respect and integrity. That includes the families, our employees, our physicians, and suppliers! 


Honesty is tempered with empathy. Our patients deserve to have their stories heard with compassionate ears so that they feel cared for as individuals.


We help preserve the dignity and integrity our patients. In death, as in life, we seek to ensure that the individual’s wishes are fulfilled in accordance with their advance directives and life’s desires.


All care is based upon the respect we hold for human life. That respect is not limited to the patient but everyone involved in the care for them. 

We, at Pathway, value the individual and interact with others in a courteous and loving manner because every life matters. We strive to deliver our services and care in an honest, consistent, competent manner for the families that we serve in South Carolina.

Caring for the Caregiver

A frequently overlooked principle of care giving involves “Caring for the Caregiver.” Caregivers must be taken care of in order to be effective providing the level of care required to take care of their patients. They need to be provided adequate rest, eat properly and take time to meet their own physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Even with hospice services in place, they remain the primary caregiver which is an around the clock job. Your loved one will become weak and depend upon our team to meet their basic physical needs. The Pathway team is a valuable part that keeps your loved one comfortable during their time of care. Family and friends may also volunteer to help, and although their help might be hard to accept, often times they can provide needed assistance when necessary. Hospice also has a “home maker” that can help do light housekeeping, laundry, prepare light meals and run errands if needed. Our hospice nurses and social workers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Hear From Our Patients Family's

I cannot say enough about how caring, compassionate and professional this group is. We could not have gotten through one of the hardest times in our lives without them. Could not recommend them more.

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